Revolutionary Chronic Care

At Vityl, we co-ordinate your chronic care so that you get better, quicker, easier and on your terms.

Vityl is a patient-centric chronic care platform dedicated to helping you feel your best. Using our unique platforms and medical management software we allow our team of doctors, specialists, allied health experts and coaches to coordinate seamless and effective care for your most chronic concerns.

Why is Chronic Care Vityl?

1 in 2
People have at least 1 chronic condition
3 in 5
People aged over 65 years have more than 1


4.20 pm

Hi Doc. Just confirming that I have received treatment and will begin tomorrow morning with breakfast. Was it to be taken on an empty of full stomach?

Dr Tim

4.21 pm

Hello Jeff. Take it with your meal. Let us know how you go. We are always here to answer your questions.

The future is now.

The founding team at Vityl Care always believed the future of healthcare in a decade or so would involve more patient centric services, better virtual diagnostics and fewer visits to doctors offices and pharmacies. For the last 30 years our highly skilled and visionary team have been working on various projects designed to accelerate the outcomes in healthcare globally.

Healthcare on your terms.

Why is it necessary to take a day off work to see your doctor to get your blood results? Why can’t you text your doctor and ask a simple question in between appointments? Healthcare on your terms removes the barriers to better health.

  • Assessment: Discuss your symptoms with our medical team.
  • Consultations: Consult with our team of expert doctors, specialists and other experts.
  • Diagnosis: Find out what is causing your symptoms through detailed investigations.
  • Treatment: Have your treatment delivered discreetly to your home.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, experts and specialists and more all work together to ensure ultimate outcomes.