Ramil Ashourian

Life Coach

Ramil is a life coach with an interest in helping men understand an unlock their mind-body connection.


Ramil’s own personal journey and recovery from hitting rock bottom made him realise first-hand ‘the journey of discovery is worth seeking out’ as a way to overcome challenges and conquer what you desire.

One of the common trends Ramil sees amongst our patients seeking support in the area of sexual dysfunction is elevated stress levels, non-stop on-the-go behaviour, and the inability in knowing how to unwind and decompress.

Ramil’s #1 goal as a life coach is helping people get to where they want to. In other words, Ramil’s job is to help you find yourself.


Ramil has designed his coaching style to help people search within themselves, find their inner child, lose their emotional junk to feel lighter, and identify unlocking methods that work for the person. 

Ramil has developed a diverse range of tools and techniques to enable a person to go from start to goal. Ramil also also ensures there is always flexibility to adapt the process to find out what works best for them. Ramil refers to this adjustment of process ‘finding oneself in their frame’.  

This process of adjusting to fit the frame is also very important because it unknowingly helps us build trust within ourselves which makes us more able to overcome the fears that often make us revert back to behaviour when faced with change.  

Through Ramil’s own personal journey combined with the journey of helping many people, Ramil has mastered the art to be relatable, in touch and able to take people from a point of feeling stuck to living the life that they wish to live.